Pandemic Planning TODAY Will Make You The HERO of Your Family Forever!   

Easily Plan For Your Family's Future With Everything You Need to Know About Pandemic Preparation 

Keeping your loved ones SAFE & HEALTHY is your #1 priority.  Learn with your own Emergency First Response Instructors how to plan & care exactly for your loved ones in the Pandemic Planning & Preparedness Program. 

You'll Learn... 
- the RIGHT questions to ask 
- the BEST ways to ensure you stay  healthy
- the items you NEED to stay happy & healthy 
- how to create an emergency plan for each phase of the pandemic
  and any other emergency!

The Time to plan is NOW!  Get started TODAY!
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I thought I thought of everything for me and my family.  I am so glad I took this course because I forgot SO MANY THINGS!  Now I know 100% my family and I are totally prepared and don't have to stress about what the future may bring. 

Anthony Fitswell 

When we started to get locked down I had no idea what to do - I panicked and totally panic bought this course, BUT after going through it, getting my pandemic kit and having a plan I feel totally in control of my situation and know that I can handle whatever happens next!  

Annie Waltson 
Who is depending on YOU to get this right?  

... Your kids?  ... Your spouse?  ... Your mom? ... Your grandpa?  

No one taught you how to protect your family by planning for a pandemic in school so we teach you how to GET IT RIGHT so your loved ones can 100% count on you

The Pandemic Planning & Preparations course is a six module step-by-step guide to teach you how to plan and prep for the current Pandemic and any other emergency that crosses your path.  

By the end of this course, you will have all the supplies you and your family need, have fact based knowledge from the authorities and be educated to make an emergency plan that will see you through whatever this pandemic throws at us! 

Inside The Program, You’ll Learn Exactly How To…
  • How To Plan, NOT Panic! You’ll learn how to ask the right questions that you can ACT ON NOW and to create a SMART plan for whatever life throws at us and stop stressing! 
  • How To Stay Healthy - The safety measures you haven’t thought of in a practical guide to keep the virus OUT OF YOUR HOME to keep you and your loved ones healthy. 
  • Pandemic Kit Checklist. Ditch the anxiety & the crowded virus filled shopping centers the items you need. THE BEST PART: they arrive on your doorstep with the click of a button! 
  • Simple, Step By Step Emergency Plan. Yes, planning can seem overwhelming.  With explainer videos that are comprehensive, yet easy to execute you will be confident that you will be the Hero!


When You Join Emergency Planning & Prep Program, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:


  • Welcome!  Getting Your Mind In The Right Place
  • The Goal Of This Course
  • ​Your Certified Emergency First Aid Responder Instructor 
  • ​A Practical Guide to Help You Be Smart About Planning & Preparations
  • ​What You Need To Understand To Plan Effectively 
  • ​Key Resources to Keep You Safe & Healthy 

VALUE: $57


  • Steps To Prevent Illness 
  • ​Steps to Protect Yourself 
  • ​Steps to Protect Others
  • ​How the Current Pandemic Spreads
  • How Easily Does It Spread & How NOT To Catch 
  • ​Precautions You Didn't Think About! 
  • ​11 Tips to Limit Your Chance of Contact With Contagions
  • ​Procedures to Limit Your Chance of Being in Contact w Contagious People
  • ​Mental Health - Be Healthy AND Happy!
  • ​How to Create SAFE Habits

VALUE: $99


  • The RIGHT Place To Get Updated Information 
  • ​The Symptoms To Watch Out For
  • ​Fever - What To Do
  • ​Cough - What To Do 
  • ​Shortness of Breath - What To Do 
  • ​Key Resources to Keep You Safe & Healthy 

VALUE: $27


  • Your Pandemic Kit - In The Click Of a Button!  
  • ​Health Care Checklist 
  • ​Food & Beverage Checklist 
  • ​Sanitizing Checklist  
  • Home Supply Checklist  
  • ​Safety & Survival Essentials  
  • ​First Aid Kit Checklist 
  • ​Bug Out Bag Checklist 
  • ​Everyday Carry Checklist 
  • ​Pandemic Car Kit Checklist 
  • ​Pet Supply List 

VALUE: $47


  • WHO Is Depending On ME Workbook
  • ​Your Family/Crew - WHO Are You Planning For Workbook 
  • ​Family Contact Workbook 
  • ​Individual Medical Information Workbook 
  • ​Critical Information Workbook 
  • ​Pandemic Kit Checklist 
  • ​Start To Develop Good Habits - A FUN Alternative
  • ​Signals of Pandemic In Your Community 

VALUE: $199


  • Considerations - The Questions & Scenarios You Need To Think About
  • ​Considering SHELTER
  • ​Considering SAFETY 
  • ​Considering FOOD
  • Considering TECHNOLOGY - For Information 
  • ​Considering TECHNOLOGY - For Work & Education   
  • ​Considering HEALTH - Monitoring & Physical Health
  • ​Considering HEALTH - Mental Health Matters
  • ​Considering HEALTH - For the HIGH RISK 
  • ​Considering ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE to Maintain a Balanced Life

VALUE: $159

Pandemic Planning & Preparation Value:

  • PLAN, DON'T PANIC ($57)
  • ​SYMPTOMS ($27)


BUT... In The Interest Of The Survival of Humanity...

We Just Need To Cover Costs (after all, we are a small business) 

And for WAY Less than the Cost of One Doctor Visit...

Today The Pandemic Planning & Preparation Program is ONLY : $37

We Want To Make Sure YOU 100% GOT THIS!!! 
SO We've Added All These BONUSES! 
3 Hours Of Video To Explain Step-By-Step!
Entertainment Checklist... 
So You Don't Lose Your Marbles!
Bug Out Bag Must Have List 
Risk-Free Guarantee!!
If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied! 

That's why we'll happily give you your money back if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your program, simply e-mail during your first 30 days and we’ll refund your money - no questions asked! 
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"Dude, its cheap…to put together some sort of plan is the right way to go. It’s even marginally fun in a dystopian sort of way. 
My final family plan? Its invaluable (period). 

The mental health aspect was the hardest for us, and I was a bit embarrassed that I made our plan and took action to move out of the city three weeks ago, but my wife is high-risk and I’d rather have been completely embarrassed than face the alternative of her getting sick and being locked down in New York like they are now. 

Everyone I know there thinks I’m like Nostradamus. 
Worth it? It’s absolutely worth it.
Proud New Yorker, 38, Father, Husband, happily relocated to Northern New England.
I’m glad I did this. I consider myself a very organized and very insightful person, and would normally do this [emergency plan] myself, but with what is happening at the office, it seemed as if I would save time by having the online templates. 
 So, yes, I thought the templates were well organized. The instructions are clear. 

I probably saved an entire weekend of effort thinking and organizing ourselves. I do feel better. For me, having the online worksheets, and all the planning and preparation lists all in one place were the most valuable parts.

Proud Texan, 48, Wife, Empty Nester, self-isolated in Houston
"Trying to get through the current national emergency without a plan would be just stupid. 
We already have a general plan, but this situation is really different from a hurricane like we sometimes get. My brothers, sisters and parents expect me to be the smart one, so I figured this time don’t try to convince them, just buy a program, print everything out and give it to them. 
The video instruction made it easier for them and for me. Thanks. Hope you publish some more because this situation isn’t going to end any time soon. "

Proud Cajun, 45, Husband, Father of Two, Brother in a big NOLA family, self-isolated in New Orleans
Look this emergency is real. If you don’t believe it is, you should. 

If you don’t think you or your family are going to be negatively impacted, you should watch the local news in California. Everyone is going to experience this! And if you haven’t made a plan, it’s not too late. 

We have no idea how long this is going to last and we are glad that we followed the templates in the program and got everything organized so well. It is going to be tough, but we feel better now.
Proud NOCAL couple, Mid-30s, Second child born last June, on lockdown in the Bay Area
Thank you for this program. 
We have made our plan and feel much safer and more in control. We’ve been living our plan and following the precautions for a week now. We were surprised how quickly the kids learned the new rules. 
Hope you and your team are staying safe and sound during these times. 
 We really hope you produce more programs. We would certainly want to see them.
Proud and practical Midwesterns, Father and Mother team with four children, sheltering in place in Ohio.
Get All You Need for Your Home AND Know What to Do!
One Time Charge
60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
A Point-and-Click Online Store AND Skills to Last a Lifetime!
What is special about this program? 
1) Along with HOURS of discussion and actionable steps to take, more than the usual 60-90 minute course, It reflects the best “general emergency planning" thinking found in American Red Cross templates, but includes additional elements and clear instructions that put your plan into action. 
2) It breaks down the full family emergency plan into easy to understand and easy to complete sections. 
3) Immediately points you to online stores where you can buy what you need, from the safety of your home.
If we make a plan, will we feel safer?  
Feeling safer is a very personal feeling. For some, planning might certainly help you feel safer. For others, planning might make you feel anxious, especially if you discover you haven’t thought through as much as you wished. Having a plan is however, a widely-accepted pillar of how to survive in an emergency setting.
Will this work for my family?
Yes, every family is different but this program and the templates can be adapted to suit most families. Remember, your situation is unique and the end product depends on you.
How long will our plan be good for in the current national emergency?
That depends on where you are and the situation in your community. We hope your plan is effective for a good long time but certainly parts of your plan (and especially the precautions you take) will need updating as more information becomes available.
What if after making the plan, I’m still not sure what we should do?
The decision to choose one course of action over another is yours to make, and no one but you should make it. You may try involving others - a best friend, someone you believe is already well prepared, even your children. Or you might do more research - there is an abundance of discussion and guidance on-line and on television. 
Is there any proof emergency planning and preparations help?
Yes. When facing an emergency untrained individuals typically respond in one of two ways, they freeze or they run. However, the more trained someone is, the better prepared they are, the better they can respond and the less likely their situation and their family will become chaotic.
My young kids are pretty interested. Should we work on this plan with them?
Yes, it is never too young to learn family safety. Plus many of the workbooks are laid out in ways that you could involve young children in the collection of information, in the shopping, and in learning the precautions.
How do I know if our plan is perfect?
Your plan won’t be perfect, but it will be yours. The more work you do on it, the more research you do into whatever emergency you face, the more you share and discuss it with your family, and finally, the more you put your plan into action, the safer you should become. 
My teenage kids aren’t interested at all in emergency planning. Should they participate?
Being able to handle an emergency is a life skill. Being able to put together an emergency plan is a very valuable life skill. While we aren’t parenting coaches, yes, we believe there is value in making teenagers work on an emergency plan.
How long is this emergency and my plan going last?
If we are talking about the current national emergency, no one can tell. The world is still working to understand the virus, how it spreads in populations, and how to best stop its spread. Some have said two weeks. Some have said 12 weeks. How long you make your plan’s duration is up to you.
Is it okay to share my plan with others?
Yes, that’s your decision. Truth be told this program is the result of one of our experts sharing their personal emergency plan with other families who really encouraged us to produce a formal program. We would, however, courage you to not share personal biographical details or banking-financial information. 
One Time Charge
60-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Emergency planning and preparedness coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed health professional. This material is not intended to make any medical diagnoses, claims, and/or substitutes for your personal physician’s care. As emergency planning and preparedness consultants, we do not provide a second opinion or in any way attempt to alter the treatment plans or therapeutic goals/recommendations of your personal physician or any designated emergency response professional in your jurisdiction. It is our role to partner with global & national health organizations and you to provide information, examples, and practical suggestions as you create your own emergency plan and you decide which, if any, suggested precautions are worthwhile for you and your family’s specific situation.  

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